There are many stages to legalization in emerging industries, with issues that are specific from state to state. Pistil + Stigma is comprised of subject matter experts adept at advising businesses across jurisdictional lines on how to enter emerging markets, assess potential roadblocks, and lobby on their clients’ behalf. Our team is also positioned to advise advocates from around the country and the globe on strategy and messaging for developing markets.

Strategy Consulting

The quickly evolving cannabis market presents many opportunities for new entrants and long-time operators. We take the industry’s pulse on a daily basis and can help you evaluate the best options for your vision—locally, nationally, and internationally. From jurisdictional market research to partnership development, our advice will allow you to redefine your current strategy and evaluate new prospects.

Cannabis Business Development

Regardless of whether you are a current operator with existing written material or a new market entrant, we craft the story of your business to help prove to regulators that you are the expert in your field. For potential cannabis business operators seeking to enter newly approved jurisdictions, we offer general business consulting and full support for new license applications to help your business become licensed and established. By working alongside you to develop comprehensive operations manuals, we can help your business run more smoothly with stress-free compliance inspections and reviews. In tandem with Greenlight Drafts, Pistil + Stigma offers technical editing, custom drafting, and customization of Greenlight Drafts documents to give your business the best chance at success in a dynamic and competitive market.

Advocacy for Entrepreneurs

Our advocacy and public policy development support allows you to voice your needs to government officials and get involved in developing the policy that is best for you, your customers, and your community. With us at your side, together we lobby your regulators throughout the entire legislative process, offering statutory and regulatory analysis and representing your interests to key decision makers.

Public Policy Development with Regulators

Using our experience working alongside state legislators and regulators, we can help you craft responsible and sound regulations that are beneficial for the state, consumers, and the industry. We are well versed in regulations adopted by jurisdictions across the nation, and can provide valuable guidance to regulators looking to better understand how to write legislation that establishes the right market for your community.