Greenlight Drafts TEMPLATES





ABOUT Greenlight Drafts

Greenlight Drafts (GLD) templates are affordable written operations plans for cannabis businesses that can be customized for various purposes including business license applications, compliance reviews, and ongoing operations manuals. Created by technical writers, industry experts, and consultants who have successfully taken cannabis clients through the licensing process in a variety of jurisdictions, all GLD materials aim to raise industry standards by incorporating good manufacturing and good handling practices and are designed to promote a patient and community-focused culture of quality assurance, safety, and security. 

GLD templates reflect current quality of care and best practices to meet general regulatory requirements in all states with existing cannabis laws. They can be customized to fit any state or local jurisdiction. These cannabis cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and dispensary materials were designed for two reasons: to enhance the safety of regulated cannabis via detailed quality assurance standards, and to offer an affordable option for all aspiring cannabis business applicants.


Cultivation Documents

For use in commercially grown cannabis and hemp operations, for adult and/or medically regulated markets. Appropriate for all growing mediums, methodologies, and facility types (indoor, greenhouse and mixed-light—outdoor coming soon!).

Manufacturing Documents

For use in production and extraction of cannabis concentrates, infusions, and edible products at commercial manufacturing facilities. Appropriate for all extraction methods, including BHO, CO2, hexane, rosin, and ice water hash. Appropriate for manufacturing of all ingestible and infused products.

Dispensary Documents

For use in dispensing of cannabis and cannabis products, in store, and via delivery to patient, for adult and/or medically regulated markets. Appropriate for facilities of any size and location.

Employee Onboarding Packet

Human Resource-focused customizable packet including job descriptions, policies on hours and compensation, appearance, job performance, workplace behavior and consumption, and more.

Facility Design

Facility design specifications based on Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and industry best practices.

Inventory Control

Overview of seed to sale tracking, including batch identification, plant tagging, waste tracking, batch records, scheduling and task assignment, and physical inventory oversight.

Packaging and Labeling

Procedures for packaging and labeling, specifications for packaging and labeling equipment and materials, and quality assurance clearance for packaging and labeling.

Product Safety and Sanitation

Policies for ensuring products free of contamination in compliance with cGMPs, including product safety plan specifications, restroom facilities specifications, personal hygiene plan for employees, uniform policy, personal protective equipment (PPE) specifications, and sanitation procedures.


Security and safety policies and procedures related to personnel, surveillance, security devices, access restrictions, transportation, emergency situations, information security, preventing theft and diversion, and disposal of cannabis waste, non-cannabis waste and hazardous waste.


Employee education and training plan including Human Resource policies, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training, security training, workplace safety training, and training by employment classification and department.

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal plan for cannabis and non-cannabis waste including policies and procedures for temporary secured storage, rendering cannabis waste unrecoverable, cannabis waste disposal, liquid waste disposal, and hazardous waste disposal.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety plan in compliance with OSHA regulations including plans and policies for emergency action, fire prevention, personal protective equipment, accident prevention, medical services and first aid, fire extinguishers, hazard communication, and workers’ rights.

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