Sarah Grittmann, Director of Operations

Sarah Grittmann

Director of Operations

Hailing from Kansas City, Pistil + Stigma’s Project and Operations Manager, Sarah Grittmann, joined the company in 2017 after acquiring years of experience in both the public and private sectors. She offers a wealth of experience in a variety of fields including marketing, professional development, grant writing, customer service, and overseeing human capital, business planning, budgeting and project management. Much of her time is spent collecting, reviewing, and structuring project material and documents to seamlessly integrate them into the project plan. As part of senior management, it is Sarah that clients depend upon to schedule and coordinate all internal and external work, so every project rolls out as smoothly as possible. Additionally, Sarah is adept at regulatory and policy review of the technical aspects regarding cannabis applications and governmental requirements of individual states. Her expertise in client and employee relations is an integral part of the Pistil + Stigma day to day operation. Her communication and writing skills make her a perfect fit for the expanding cannabis market and Pistil + Stigma’s role in the future of the industry.